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Doomfist Crater used to be a Tier 3 Greenskin vs Dwarf scenario available for levels 23 to 40, it is now used as a Weekend Warfront for for the Days of Doom Event.


Doomfist Crater contains a single capture location and three Doomfist Ore. Carrying the Doomfist Ore will augment point gains from kills, and cpaturing the center platform will give your Realm points towards victory!

Carrying the Doomfist Ore grants 25% more damage, but you must continually slay players to retain this power.


This Scenario is a hybrid rule-set as it mixes Domination with Murderball! The Scenario take places in the bottom of a muddy crater with derelict Greenskin platforms. Several artifacts of power lay about the area. In the center is a large platform which can be used as a vantage point to see across the entire crater floor. Holding this center platform is the primary objective of this Scenario as it gives points over time to the team holding it. However, the opposing Realm will be able to pick up the artifacts Murderballs and killing players while holding these artifacts will result in more points gained per kill. Be careful though, there is a chance that these artifacts will kill you!

When you first enter the Scenario you'll be presented with the option of charging straight ahead or heading to the right out of the spawn area. Going straight will lead you right into the muck and to the platforms which have varied height and directions. Making your way to the middle capture location is an easy task, but holding onto that area will be difficult as you can get hit from all angles. Players will be able to hold on to the center location if they have the numbers, but once the other Realm gets a hold of the Murderballs that offer boosted damage capabilities, they'll be hard pressed to control the center for long!

Be forewarned, Doomfist Crater is chaotic! With the single capture location being elevated, you'll always know who owns it and the Murderballs will always spawn for the opposite Realm. However, there's always the possibility that both Realms have a Murderball or two, but that can quickly change as players go on rampages killing each other. To put it bluntly, this Scenario is a meat-grinder! Avoiding death in this Scenario will net you zero points, so get in there and kill someone![1]


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