Doombeard Slayer (mob)

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Doombeard Slayer (mob)

Doombeard Slayer (mob)

Rank Varies Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Dwarfs
Species Slayer
Zone Varies

PC Reactions

Order Friendly
For the Rally Master, see Doombeard Slayer (Rally Master)

Doombeard Slayers have stormed the fields of battle, clashing against their long-time enemies the Choppas. As part of Bitter Rivals, these Slayer mobs can be found in any Open RvR region, where they spawn near the Zone's Warcamp and race to meet a similar rush of Red Fang Choppas.

Unique Loot Edit

Doombeard Slayers drop a number of loot items unique to the Bitter Rivals Event.

External Links Edit

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