Doombeard Slayer (Rally Master)

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Doombeard Slayer

Doombeard Slayer (Rally Master)

Rank 41 Champion Rally Master
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Zone Altdorf
Subzone Emperor's Palace
Coordinates 21800, 17500

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

"Have ye naught t'do? There's Greenskins and Chaos beasts aplenty that need killing out there! Lend me yer ear and I'll set you on the right track to honor and glory! Time t'get stuck in!"

- Doombeard Slayer

The Doombeard Slayer is not one for standing around when there are dangerous beasts about, just as those that have taken the Slayer's Oath before him. To him, fighting against deadly odds is an ethical duty, and one he places on the shoulders of others in addition to himself.

For the mob, see Doombeard Slayer (mob)

Rally Master Edit

The Doombeard Slayer is the Rally Master for players of the Realm of Order for the Bitter Rivals Live Event. For the duration of the Event he can be found in the city of Altdorf, in the Emperor's Palace, not far from the Flight Master.

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