Don't Hog the Grog

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Don't Hog the Grog

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Barak Varr
Subzone Barak Weald
Start Anselm Getman
End Anselm Getman


Don't Hog the Grog map
(click to enlarge)

Hello, friend! My name is Anselm Getman, and I've come to Barak Varr with a supply of grog to share with the stout Dwarfs who fight here. If not for the courage of these good folk, my merchant ship would not have escaped the port when the Orcs attacked.

Unfortunately, those green beasts raided the camp and made off with half my supply! I can't get those barrels back on my own, but perhaps you can help me. If you can retrieve some of the grog they took, I'll be most grateful.

While you're out there, check in with Gudrim's Rangers. I sent a barrel of drink their way, and they answered with a letter claiming that no manling brew was fit for a Dwarf. That's fine with me, but there are thirsty Dwarfs elsewhere who I'm sure will be more grateful for a swig of something strong.

- Anselm Getman

Summary Edit

Help Anselm recover his supply of grog for Long Drong. First, travel to the Dwarf bridge in the east of Barak Weald, and recover the kegs of Stolen Grog.

Next, travel to the Gudrim Ranger Camp in Barak Weald. Search the camp for the barrel of Gifted Grog that the rangers didn't want.

When you have gathered all the grog, return to Anselm Getman at Jordson's Pass in Barak Weald.

Objectives Edit

  • Stolen Grog 0/4
  • Gifted Grog 0/1

Quest Notes Edit

  • Quest objective 'Stolen Grog' can be found beneath the Dwarf bridge in Barak Weald, at approximate coordinates of 52900, 49000.
  • Quest objective 'Gifted Grog' can be found in the area of the Public Quest Gudrim's Veterans in Barak Weald, at approximate coordinates of 56400, 41900.

In Progress Edit

Did you have any luck finding those barrels of grog?

- Anselm Getman

On Completion Edit

Ranald's eyes! Half this grog's been spoiled! Curse those green-skinned vermin!

Forgive my temper, {career}. I thank you for your help, and I daresay you don't lack for courage, unlike those sneaking, cowardly Goblins who made off with half my barrels of grog!

- Anselm Getman

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 4030
  • You may select one of the following on completion:
Ironbreaker Icon Bolted Leather Kladgird
Grog Holding Kladgird
Slayer Icon Bolted Leather Girdle
Grog Holding Girdle
Engineer Icon Bolted Leather Tool Belt
Grog Holding Tool Belt
Rune Priest Icon Bolted Leather Runesash
Grog Holding Runesash
Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon Bolted Leather Faulds
Grog Holding Faulds
Witch Hunter Icon Bolted Leather Lash
Grog Holding Lash
Bright Wizard Icon Bolted Leather Keysash
Grog Holding Keysash
Warrior Priest Icon Bolted Leather Bookstrap
Grog Holding Bookstrap
Swordmaster Icon Bolted Leather Girdment
Grog Holding Girdment
White Lion Icon Bolted Leather Axebelt
Grog Holding Axebelt
Shadow Warrior Icon Bolted Leather Waistgird
Grog Holding Waistgird
Archmage Icon Bolted Leather Silkenwrap
Grog Holding Silkenwrap

External Links Edit

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