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Dogs of War is a multi-step quest in Altdorf. It is given by Captain Lochner, who is found standing in the very center of the War Quarters.

  • Step 1: Run south, get credit, run back.
  • Step 2: Run to the boat tavern on the north side of the docks, get credit, run back.
  • Step 3: Go to the north entryway of the War Quarters. Looking north-west from the center, find the body crumpled against the wall. Examine it. Kill the level 10 Ogre that spawns. Run back.

Notes Edit

Part of the set of early Altdorf quests.

Development History Edit

Dogs of War were at one stage intended to be NPCs that could enter a competitive scenario on the side of one team, should it be impossible to balance the scenario with players from both realms. They have, however, been scrapped from the final design of WAR. If and where they do appear in the game remains to be seen.

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