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This is a Bestiary Tome Unlock for Vulture.

In Talabecland kill Blightbeak Carrion (on the south side of the Talabec River) until they drop a Blightbeak Beak. There's one at 38, 37 that respawns almost instantly.


Take the beak to the healer Lodwig Gothe at Empire Ch 14.

The Healer stands near some bushes at the tree/tomb. The Empire Ch 14 camp is Unterbaum Cemetary (near the PQ of the same name), and is located at 44.9k/43k Talabecland, at the top of a hill. As of a recent patch there is a flight master there as well, so you can fly directly there as an option.


Take the beak to the healer at Chaos Ch 11.


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