Dirty Green Beasties!

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Dirty Green Beasties!

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Barren Reach
Start Brani Gridsson
End Bor Axehand

Quest Chain

Brani Gridsson
  • Dirty Green Beasties!

Bor Axehand

Melni Stoneshield


Dirty Green Beasties! map
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Pull your head clear of yer backside, {career}!

That green menace, the Squig Herder they call Ironclaw, is liable to have ya bit in two if you're not careful. He's the one that nearly kill't me and my lads on the way to the bridge! A right evil little greenskin, crackin' the whip on them Squigs! Squigs is more teeth than brains, if ya ask me, but liable to bounce ya flat just the same!

That Slayer, name of Axehand, went after him, and I haven't seen him since. If Bor couldn't put an end to the creature, I'm not sure anyone could.

- Brani Gridsson

Summary Edit

Search the Barren Reach for the Ironclaw Squigherder and kill him. When finished, exit to the east and search Ancestors' Watch for the Slayer, Bor Axehand. Speak to him when you find him.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Bor Axehand's a right and mighty Slayer, he is! That's why he's still alive!

- Brani Gridsson

On Completion Edit

One hundred and one! One hundred and two!

Ha! They keep comin', an' I keep hackin' 'em down! Tryin' to muck up Ancestors' Watch, they are. Ain't going to be happenin' while I still got some vim and vigor in me!

So ya found that Squig Herder that slipped away from me axe, eh? Not bad! Good thing there's plenty more killin' to be had.

- Bor Axehand

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 913

External Links Edit

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