Dignity for the Dead

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Dignity for the Dead

Tier 3 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Badlands
Subzone Spitbore
Start Helga Greyhammer
End Helga Greyhammer


Dignity for the Dead map
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My company o' Rangers left Norriksson's camp a few days back, searchin' for more o' these 'ere Mourkain ruins. The thinkin' is that ol' Phineas left us a trail t' the secret tunnel on these here stones.

When we came upon this 'ere group, we stopped t' search for any signs o' ol' Fireforge. Well, we found somethin', but before we could take a good look at it, we were set upon by a bunch o' greenskins. And now I'm 'ere, injured and alone, all my Rangers killed by those brutes.

As if it weren't already bad enough t' 'ave lost all o' my Rangers, those filthy ratmen are mutilatin' the bodies o' the fallen. It's an indignity t' my Rangers, and I'll not stand for it t' happen so long as I've breath left in me! Were it not for this blasted injury, I'd be tendin' t' them myself, but as it stands, I'm askin' you t' aid me in doin' what's right.

- Helga Greyhammer

Summary Edit

Search the Mourkain Ruins behind Helga Greyhammer. Find her Fallen Rangers and bury them. While there, exact vengeance on the Skaven there that are defiling the bodies.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

Are you really goin' t' let those ratmen get away with this?

- Helga Greyhammer

On Completion Edit

Givin' dignity and honor t' those who've died is the callin' o' all o' us who live on t' fight another day. I'm grateful and honorable warrior like yourself came by t' help.

You've done well by my Rangers t'day, {name}, and don't you think I'll forget it. When this war is over, and ol' Eight Peaks is ours again, I hope the High King 'imself recognizes your service. And even if he doesn't, I'll be sure t' do so with a nice pint o' Bugman's!

- Helga Greyhammer

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 4422

External Links Edit

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