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Dietrich Lichtermann is a mercenary captain and founder of the renowned Imperial militiamen regiment "Dietrich's Dogs". Decades ago, he was hired to protect an expedition that set out to establish a profitable trade route to the lands far south of the Empire. Unfortunately, their route proved treacherous, and the expedition suffered one hardship after another. Lichtermann found it increasingly difficult to put up with the spoiled, impetuous leader of the expedition, Erich Krieghoffer.

Following a heated argument, Lichtermann decided to abandon Erich and the remaining members of the expedition. His mercenary warriors following behind him, Lichtermann struck out into the Badlands, determined to find his way back to the Empire. Without the expedition's maps, however, the mercenaries soon become lost in the wilds. Seeking shelter and security, the mercenaries established themselves in a network of caves in Mount Bloodhorn, and Lichtermann ordered his men to begin stockpiling supplies in the hopes of making a second attempt at returning to the Empire.

Fortunately for Lichtermann, a second expedition successfully established a trade route that passes very close to the caves that his men now call home. The numerous Greenskin tribes that had settled in the area make hunting for food extremely dangerous, and so the Imperial merchant wagons now passing regularly north and south along the road are an excellent source of fresh supplies. Fancying himself a bandit hero, Lichtermann has named his crew "Dietrich's Dogs" after his former militia regiment. The Dogs have a reputation as a nuisance for merchants wishing to make a rich profit by trading along Krieghoffer's Road, and if there were not so much money to be made in doing so, more of them have given up due to the frequent bandit attacks.

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