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Dieter Helsnicht, a potent Necromancer, was driven out of Middenheim in 1207 but returned with his undead forces to be defeated in 1244 at the Battle of Beeckerhoven by a combined Empire and Kislev army.


The powerfull and much feared necromancer Dieter Helsnicht, Doom Lord of Middenheim, was once a great wizard living in Middenheim during the early years of the time of the Three Emperors (1152 to 2302 IC). Unfortunately for the citizens, Dieter learned of Kadon, a necromancer living in Mourkain, and decided to visit him. When he was there, he heard of the return of yet a more legendery figure, Nagash himself would have come to life after his defeat against Sigmar. It was a false rumour, Nagash would not stir untill much later in 1681, "the Night of the Restless Dead". This being unknown to Dieter, he travelled further south to Nagashizzar.

He returned a changed man. What had happened, no-one knows, but upon his return in Middenheim, word spread of his evil practices and vile rituals performed at night. Aware of the dangers of such heretic practices, the High Priest of Ulric gathered a company of Knights and descended on Dieter's dwelling. Dieter was just starting to raise the daed but, disturbed by the knights, fled on the back of a Manticore.

Dieter fled into the Forest of Shadows where he had a secret fortress. Here, he plotted his revenge and slowly built up his strength. Decades passed and Dieter was forgotten when suddenly pestilence and death spread from the forest, Orcs and Beastmen driven before it. Soon, the road between Middenheim and Erengrad grew perilous. Einrich Moltke, Elector Count of Nordland, mobilised his army and easily crushed the orcs and beastmen, but upon entering the Forest of Shadows, he was ambushed by the Undead of Dieter at the Lake of Woe and utterly defeated.

Einrich himself, together with a group of pistoliers, escape to the village of Beeckerhoven on the Midenheim-Erengrad road. Here, the Elector Count assembled the small local garrison and, sending messengers for reinforcements to Middenheim and Kislev, he prepared for a bitter defence. Dieter advanced slowly, raising the dead from the Nordland army he had defeated, and arrived several days later. He dispatched a small army of Undead to slow down the Kislev army and prepared to attack the Elector Count's meagre troops. Dieter was winning the battle when his army was flanked by the reinforcements from Middenheim. Somewhat later the Kislevites arrived too, having only slighty been slowed down, and charged the rear. The Elector Count himself finally struck Dieter with his Runefang, the Undead hordes crumbling at the defeat of their master. But the manticore took Dieter's body and dragged it away. Thus ended the Battle of Beeckerhoven, 1244 IC.

Dieter Helsnicht survived his wound and would threaten Middenheim many more times from his secret fortress hidden in the Forest of Shadows, riding the back of his manticore and carrying a Chaos Runesword.

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