Destruction of the Weak

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Destruction of the Weak

Tier 1 Normal Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone Norsca
Chapter 2
Rally Master {{{rally}}}

Destruction of the Weak is a normal-difficulty Public Quest located in Norsca suitable for 6-9 players and yield normal-level rewards.



One -
No more do these weaklings have their walls of brick and stone to guard against the host of the Raven God. The time has come to slaughter them all.
Two -
The Refugee Duelists think to buy their comrads time to escape. Defeat them and run the remaining refugees to ground.

The Refugee Duelists are Champion level mobs. They come out in groups of three at a time.

Three -
At last a worthy opponent steps forward. Defeat Haldan Wuertz and put an end to the Thorshafn resistance.

Haldan Wuertz is a Hero level mob.


These mobs are featured in this Public Quest:


Haldan Wuertz


Refugee Duelists


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