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Desert Chronicle

Desert Chronicle

Zone Altdorf
Subzone The Altdorf Library
Coordinates 15300, 20800
'... von Gasiche may have actually been right about the connection between the Eye of Seheph and the Casket of Souls--which might explain why those mummified warriors so vigorously defended that particular sarcophagus above all others in the crypt. Together, the Eye and the Casket are a source of vast, unspeakable power. Separating them may be the best way of ensuring that the world is never again threatened by the army of the dead ...'
- from Desert Chronicle, Quest Completion Text: Chaos Casket I

'Desert Chronicle' is an interactable object in the city of Altdorf, found on the second floor of the Altdorf Library, that plays a role in a quest line for the Beyond the Sands Live Event.

Quests Edit

Begins Quests Edit

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