Decimator Solerets

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Heavy Armor Boots 001 Decimator Solerets
Heavy Armor
120 Armor
Bind on Equip
+ 2 Strength
+ 4 Toughness
+ 6 Wounds
+ 2 Weapon Skill
Talisman Slot 1 Empty Talisman Slot
Minimum Rank: 8
Career: Swordmaster
Skill: Heavy Armor
Requires 7 Renown
Decimator Defender's Kit (0 / 2)
Decimator Platecoat
Decimator Solerets
(2 Piece Bonus): +14 Strength

Decimator Solerets are a Tier 1 Item for the Swordmaster Career. They are one of two pieces in the Decimator Defender Armor Set.

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The Decimator Solerets can drop from any enemy player in Tier 1 RvR play. Also can be purchased from a Renown Merchant in the Tier 1 Warcamp.

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