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Decimator Sigmarite Kit, Male

Decimator Sigmarite Kit

The Decimator Sigmarite Kit is an armour set unique to the Warrior Priest career. As one of the Decimator armor sets, it is obtained through participation in Tier 1 RvR game play.

Set Pieces Edit

Decimator Cassock
The chest pieces to the Decimator sets drops exclusively from Sergent NPCs at battlefield objectives in Tier 1 RvR lakes. These sergeants are rank 10 champion opponents and only a single spawns at each objective at any given time. Their respawn timer appears to be between 3 and 5 minutes.
The Decimator chest pieces are bind on pick up items; each is designated for a specific career and the specific piece that drops for a given party appears to be generated at random.
Decimator Spatterguards
The Decimator boots can potentially drop from any enemy player defeated in Tier 1 RvR play. Like the Decimator chest pieces, each is designated for a individual career and the specific piece that is dropped appears to be randomly generated. However these set pieces are bind on equip items and can be traded at the auction house.

Set Stats Edit

Decimator Sigmarite Kit
Warrior Priest Icon Temp Chest WP Armor Boots 001 Total
Armor icon Armor 110 80 190
Strength icon Strength 8 2 10
Willpower icon Willpower 4 6 10
Toughness icon Toughness 5 5
Wounds icon Wounds 4 4
Weapon skill icon Weapon Skill 2 2
Parry icon Parry 1% 1%
Set Bonuses
(2 Piece Bonus) +14 Strength

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