Decimator Chargers

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SL Armor Boots 001
Decimator Chargers
Medium Armor
80 Armor
Bind on Equip
+ 4 Strength
+ 2 Wounds
+ 2 Initiative
+ 2 Weapon Skill
Talisman Slot 1 Empty Talisman Slot
Minimum Rank: 8
Career: Slayer
Skill: Medium Armor
Requires 7 Renown
Decimator Battle Kit (0 / 2)
Decimator Leathers
Decimator Chargers
(2 Piece Bonus): +14 Strength

Decimator Chargers are a Tier 1 Armor drop for the Slayer, and part of that Tier's RvR Armor Set.

The Decimator Chargers are one of two pieces in the Decimator Battle Kit Armor Set.

Source Edit

Decimator Chargers can drop from any enemy player in Tier 1 RvR play.

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