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Dk watch

Picture of the Deathknell Watch

Deathknell Watch is a piece of Warhammer Fantasy Scenery.


Beyond the outskirts of Altdorf, high upon the Howling Hills, sits the lonely tower of the Deathknell Watch. Legend tells that this skull-wrought tower has stood for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years, casting its grim shadow across travellers braving the dangerous passage of the Altdorf-Harstadt road.

At night, the wailing winds force their way through the cracks in the tower's ancient masonry, some trick of construction transforming their high-pitched wail to a sonorous and powerful booming that can be heard in every corner of the state. In recent years, a small garrison from the College of Engineers have taken to using the tower as a signal post by day. But nothing can compel them to man its walls at night, when the howling winds rise...

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