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Deathclaw, one of the noblest beasts to emerge from the great Imperial Zoo, is known mainly as the trusty, flying steed of Emperor Karl Franz. Raised as a hatchling by the Emperor, Deathclaw and has grown a special bond with Karl, one so strong as to make him willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the Emperor.

Deathclaw is a huge, mighty creature with talons as sharp as a Runefang, and the strength of a dozen or more men. The top half of his body is comprised of hippogryph like features, excluding the horse half, while his lower half is comprised of a tiger like structure, striped, and clawed cat-like paws.

Though not much is said about the feats of this noble beast, he has saved the life of the Emperor countless times and has even fought off hordes of foes to keep the Emperor safe until help arrived. Most men of the Empire will very rarely see the Emperor off of his mount, and in the rare cases he is, it is most likely for a court of honour, attending politics, or when the Emperor has been stricken from his beast.

Deathclaw in WAREdit

Deathclaw will be found alongside Karl Franz, as the capital Altdorf levels up. He also joins the Emperor (reputedly by smashing through a stained-glass window) to fight against Destuction players should they reach the King fight in Altdorf.

This feature has been removed from the game.

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