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Dazh is the god of fire and the sun and is worshipped primarily in Kislev. It was Dazh who took the secret of flame from the sun and gave it to the ancient warrior chiefs of the tribesmen. Without Dazh’s fire, the long winters of the north would be fatal, and tributes and prayers are regularly offered up to him. In more civilised lands, he rules over the hearths of homes, and is also the patron of guests and the needy. Thus, hospitality to those who call engenders safety for a household, while a poor host or hostess may find that their fire will not start, or that their roof springs an unexpected leak.

Dazh is portrayed as a handsome youth, with long flowing hair and wreathed in fire. He is beautiful to behold and none can look at him directly without being blinded by his divine appearance. He is said to live in a golden palace in the east where he rests every night after travelling the world during the day. In his palace, he is accompanied by warrior-consorts called the Arari, who can often be seen dancing and fighting for his amusement in the northern skies.


The symbol of a sun, or a flame, are most commonly used as talismans by followers of Dazh. Gold is a sacred metal to the cult, and higher ranking priests will wear increasingly more gold decoration and jewellery.


The temples of Dazh are large, open arenas so that worshippers may pay homage to their god under the sky in which he lives. The richest of these temples are dominated by a large gilded statue of their god, and all contain many burning braziers and firepits which wreath the heavens in scented smoke and can never be allowed to go out.

Friends and enemies:Edit

The cult of Dazh is on genial terms with other main religions of the Old World, although there is some distrust between them and worshippers of Ulric (as god of winter).

Holy Days:Edit

Every day is holy day to Dazh. Worshippers must give brief thanks every morning when Dazh arises from his bed of coals, and wish him well when he returns to sleep every evening. The summer solstice is the most holy day of the year for the cult of Dazh, it being the day when their god walks amongst his followers for the longest time. Amongst the most barbaric of the northern tribes, the ancient tradition of offering up a sacrifice to Dazh on a pyre, whilst chanting praise to the sun god, is still practiced on the solstice. In the more cultured lands of the south, this has been replaced by the burning of an ox or horse upon a fire of parchments on which the worshippers’ prayers are written.


Always offer hospitality, even to strangers and enemies. Never let a fire go out during the night. Never set a fire on a dirty hearth. Offer prayers to Dazh on the first morning that the winter snows cover the ground.

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