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The ancient site known as Doomfist Crater is one steeped in myth and lore. Now Order and Destruction forces converge upon the broken landscape, determined to deny their enemies access to whatever treasures may lay buried beneath the surface.

Days of DoomEdit

The Doomfist Crater scenario is open again for characters of all levels! /taunt your enemies to goad them into battle, capture and hold the Central Platform for your side, Use Doomfist Ore to accelerate your kill count and use Doomfist Powder to knock back your enemies!


  • Capture and hold the Center platform in Doomfist Crater (1)
  • Eliminate enemy players using Doomfist Ore (50)
  • Use Doomfist Munitions to knock back your enemies (25)
  • /taunt a member of every enemy career (12)
  • Complete all Days of Doom tasks (4)



This Live Event ran on the following dates

  • 8 June 2012 - 11 June 2012

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