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Sorcerers utilize Dark Magic, or Dhar, to cast their highly destructive spells. Most spells they cast will raise their current level of built up Dark Magic, as it coalesces around them. Out of combat, gathered Dark Magic will fade at a rate of 10 percent per second. Bright Wizards have a similar specialty, called Combustion.

The effects of gathering this Dark Magic are both positive and negative. The more Dark Magic is built up, the more likely you are to get a Critical Effect, and the more damage those Critical Effects will do. Unfortunately you also have a greater and greater chance to feel a Backlash upon spellcasting, dealing damage to the spell's caster as well as its target. It is important to note that the critical effect chance granted is on top of your normal chance, rather than simply overriding it.

Dark Magic Level +Critical Chance +Critical Damage Backlash Chance
1-10 +4% +10% 4%
11-30 +8% +20% 8%
31-70 +15% +40% 15%
71-90 +25% +80% 25%
91-100 +35% +100% 35%

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