Dark Ritual III

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Dark Ritual

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Olfrinson's Outpost
Start Rolun Hammerson
End Rolun Hammerson

Quest Chain

Rolun Hammerson

Shrine of Khutef

Rolun Hammerson

  • Dark Ritual III


Dark Ritual III map
(click to enlarge)

Aye, I've got a good idea where they'd be heading to. There's a greenskin infestation south of here. The filth have taken over an entire mountain!

I'd bet me best axe you'll find the skull there, clutched in the grubby paws of that magic-lovin' vermin Gitzog.

- Rolun Hammerson

Summary Edit

Travel to Axerust Peak in southern Deadwater. Retrieve the Skull of Khutef from Gitzog in the base camp.

Return to Rolun Hammerson in Olfrinson's Outpost when done.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

You'd best have that manling skull, or Durrig's temper may bury us both!

- Rolun Hammerson

On Completion Edit

All that ruckus over this? Blasted thing's covered in filth!

Still, Durrig will be glad to know it's safe in Dwarf hands where it can't do no harm.

- Rolun Hammerson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 3622
  • You may select one of the following on completion:
Ironbreaker Icon Hammerson Klad
Marshwarden Klad
Slayer Icon Hammerson Leathers
Marshwarden Leathers
Engineer Icon Hammerson Bulwark
Marshwarden Bulwark
Rune Priest Icon Hammerson Vestments
Marshwarden Vestments
Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon Hammerson Corslet
Marshwarden Corslet
Witch Hunter Icon Hammerson Longcoat
Marshwarden Longcoat
Bright Wizard Icon Hammerson Flamerobe
Marshwarden Flamerobe
Warrior Priest Icon Hammerson Cassock
Marshwarden Cassock
Swordmaster Icon Hammerson Platecoat
Marshwarden Platecoat
White Lion Icon Hammerson Mailcoat
Marshwarden Mailcoat
Shadow Warrior Icon Hammerson Tunic
Marshwarden Tunic
Archmage Icon Hammerson Hoeth Robe
Marshwarden Hoeth Robe

External Links Edit

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