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Dark Fate

Destruction Quest
Zone Norsca
Start Skurlorg Blackhorn
End Kaltira the Daemoncaller
Next To Conquer


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Overview Edit

Skurlorg Blackhorn:

Look before you and behind you. See the power that ebbs and flows around us? It is such that even the dead rise!
We are the Raven Host! We are destined to bring change across both land and sea through destruction.
Go, [character name], face the Restless Dead! Bring their parts to Kaltira the Daemoncaller. Allow her to fashion them into feed for our Hellcannons. Our path to destiny begins with bringing the Cannon Beasts'™ power to bear against the Empire!
Your map has been marked with the location to ensure you do not fail.

Directions Edit

  • Once you have collected enough pieces, report to Kaltira the Daemoncaller. She awaits you at the center of the cemetery.

Requirements Edit

Note: Killing Restless Deads will immediately place the bones in your inventory's quest tab.

Rewards Edit

725 Xp and 52 bronze coins.

You may also select 1 of the following items:

Chosen: Unknown.

Marauder: Unknown.

Magus: Initiate's Warming Draught or Fatewoven Daemonspurs.

Zealot: Unknown.

Progression text Edit

Skurlorg Blackhorn:

The Hellcannons must be fed if they are to fire. It is your task to collect fodder for them. If not, your body will serve just as well as the bones of the Restless Dead.

Kaltira the Daemoncaller:

Do as Blackhorn commands. Collect the bones of the dead. Bring them to me, and I will fashion their essence into munitions for our Cannon Beasts.
Do this, and we shall rain death upon the village before us!

Completion text Edit

Kaltira the Daemoncaller:

Excellent. You bear pieces of the dead and so I shall prepare their essence. Once the power is channeled, you will shovel it into the bellies of our Cannon Beasts and bear witness to their power as they spit destruction upon the tower!

Quest Progression Edit

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