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A Dark Elf shield

This article describes the history and background of the Dark Elves. See the article House Uthorin for information about the Dark Elf army in WAR.

Dark Elves, or Druchii in Eltharin, are the dark cousins of the High Elves. Originally both elven kindred were united as a single people, living in the island nation of Ulthuan, but a civil war was fought between the forces of Malekith - the Prince of Nagarythe and son of Aenarion - and the forces of Caledor, the elected Phoenix King. The war eventually led to the Sundering, which left Nagarythe destroyed and drove the Druchii out of Ulthuan to the cold land of Naggaroth.

Overview Edit

Over the long millenia since the Sundering, the darker side of the elven psyche has risen to become prominent in the Druchii, driving them to extreme acts of cruelty, hatred and selfishness. Many Dark Elves worship Khaine to the exclusion of the rest of the elven pantheon, venerating him as the Lord of Murder, however some in secret are actually chaos worshipers of Slaanesh and preseved the lust goddess's ways in their ever growing cult. The Druchii are driven by the will of Malekith, the Witch King, whose sole ambition is to exact bloody revenge upon those who betrayed him and prevented him from claiming what was rightfully his – the crown of the Phoenix King. In the many millennia since the Sundering Malekith has hatched several elaborate plans to conquer the High Elves and gain control of Ulthuan, but he has not yet met with success.

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From behind the fortified city walls of Naggarond, Hag Graef, Ghrond, Karond Kar, Clar Karond and Har Ganeth the Druchii rule over Naggaroth, the Land of Chill, on the northeastern shore of the New World. The nation of Naggaroth is built on the lives of countless slaves sentenced to a slow death working in dark pits, or butchered in the bloody rituals of the Witch Elves. Like their High Elf cousins, the Druchii are masters of the seas, but instead of trade, the Elven Corsairs raid the coastal settlements of both the Old World and the New in search of fresh slaves and plunder to bring back to Naggaroth. The most feared vessels to be encountered on the seas are the dreaded Black Arks, vast floating fortresses capable of carrying thousands of warriors and slaves, and few have seen one and lived to tell of it.

Dark Elf Sorceress

The sorceresses of the Druchii are as adept at controlling magic as any elf, but they draw their power from the Chaos tainted dark magic of Dhar. Through this they can wield spells of great potency and gain mastery over the many wild beasts which inhabit the cold plains of Naggaroth.

The society of Naggaroth is a hierarchical one, with their Witch King, Malekith, at the top. At his right hand is his mother and consort, Queen Morathi. The powerful noble houses and sects at the top of Dark Elven society compete with each other to maintain their position in the hierarchy and to keep the favor of Malekith. Rival houses use subterfuge and assassination against each other on a regular basis, but all ultimately pay homage to the Witch King, and open fighting between houses is relatively rare. This suits Malekith because it keeps all factions strong by culling the weak, but also keeps them under his complete control.

The Dark Elves in WAREdit

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The Witch-King, ruler of the Dark Elves, still has his sights set on the throne of the Phoenix King, which he believes is rightly his. As the Age of Reckoning approaches, the armies of the High Elves leave Ulthuan to fight the forces of Chaos in the Empire, giving the Dark Elves an opportunity to launch an invasion while the island is weakly defended. He has turned to Lord Uthorin, head of House Uthorin, to deploy the elite warriors of his house at the vanguard of the invasion.

See AlsoEdit

Druhir, the Dark Elf language.

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