Damn Their Eyes!

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Damn Their Eyes!

Order Kill Player Quest
Zone Twisting Tower
Start Frothing Slayer
End Frothing Slayer


Damn Their Eyes! map
(click to enlarge)

"Those greenskins muckin' about with the Tower aren't putting up much of a fight, are they? Hardly worth my time."

"Hey! 'Ere's an idea! They all run from me, but if you get in there and get 'em good and stirred up, maybe they'll stop hidin' from me!"

"Find one of those Greenskin scum-or one of their blasted allies-and cut 'em down!"

- Frothing Slayer

Damn Their Eyes! is an Order Quest that is unique to the Bitter Rivals Live Event, and begins in Twisting Tower. There are four instances of the quest, one for each Tier of play.

Particulars Edit

  • The Frothing Slayer requests that you kill enemy players in the Twisting Tower scenario.
  • Speak with the Frothing Slayer once you have completed this task.

Objectives Edit

  • Enemy Players 0/15

In-Progress Text Edit

"Do I have t'do every blasted thing meself? Get on with it!"

- Frothing Slayer

Completion Text Edit

"That's the ticket! I'll give 'em a few minutes to get good and mad--then it'll be down to the hackin' and the bleedin'. Cheers, {name}!"

- Frothing Slayer

Rewards Edit

Tier 1 
  • 1473 XP
  • 1 Silver Coin 8 Brass Coin
Tier 2 
  • 2386 XP
  • 9 Silver Coin 75 Brass Coin
Tier 3 
  • 3665 XP
  • 27 Silver Coin 8 Brass Coin
Tier 4 
  • 6002 XP
  • 53 Silver Coin 8 Brass Coin

External Links Edit

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