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When a player or NPC takes damage, its hit points are reduced by the same amount as the damage that was dealt.

Magical damage can be reduced through resistance.

Elemental damage refers to magical damage caused by fire, lightning bolts, and so forth. Many of the Bright Wizard's spells, for example, are a mix of elemental and other forms of damage.

An item that increases elemental damage: Champion's Sapphire Band (Touch of Frost)

Spirit damage represents magical damage that affects or comes from the non-material world, attacking your soul as much as your body. Certain careers, such as the Warrior Priest, have a lot of spiritually-based attacks, whereas others may have only a few or none at all.

An item that increases spiritual damage: Guardian's Iolite Band (Touch of Spirit)

Corporeal damage tends to represent natural magic, impact hits (physical), and so forth.

An item that increases corporeal damage: Sentinel's Amber Band (Touch of Earth)

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