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Daeriaen Fellshard

Daeriaen Fellshard

Rank Varies (Champion) Mob
Type Humanoid
Subtype Elf
Species Dark Elf
Zone Avelorn
Subzone Tor Sarior
Coordinates 44400, 40800

PC Reactions

Order Hostile

Daeriaen Fellshard is named Dark Elf mob that is exclusive to the Beyond the Sands Live Event. He is a triggered spawn that must be defeated as part of an Order Quest, and his rank varies to match that of the player that causes him to appear. He appears with two bodyguards that must also be defeated.

Daeriaen Fellshard was one of several Dark Elves dispatched to the southern deserts of Nehekhara to seek out and recover artifacts and magics forgotten by the empires that inhabited the region long ago. He now claims the task was ill advised, and that he seeks to repair any damages his actions may have caused; his true intentions, whatever they may be, remain his own.

Quests Edit

"You need to rescue those poor Dwarfs that I used the Nehekharan relic to reanimate. The Dark Elves of House Uthorin needed to demonstrate the relic to Malekith. And I needed you to take it back from them for me. Why should Malekith be the only one to wield this amazing power?"

"I asked you previously to spare my life. Now, I make you the same offer: Hand over the relic, and you can leave here alive."

- Daeriaen Fellshard, Quest Introductory Text: Chapter 3: The Trail of Bones VI

Objective of Quests Edit

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