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This is a Rewards article from the Tome of Knowledge.

Daemonic Tactics are unlocked from the tome of knowledge by completing Bestiary tome unlocks.

Certain unlocks in this category will reward a Daemonic Tactic Fragment. When enough of these fragments have been unlocked, a Daemonic Tactic will also be unlocked. Once unlocked, the player must travel to the library in their capital city to purchase the tactic. Once purchased, these tactics can be equipped in a Tome Tactic slot.

Daemonic TacticsEdit

Tactic Required Fragments Effect
Aetheric Pandemonium 7 Deal 5% more damage to Daemons
Aetheric Ward 15 Deal 5% more damage to Daemons
Take 5% less damage from Daemons
Aetheric Insight 22 Deal 5% more damage to Daemons
Take 5% less damage from Daemons
Gain morale 25% faster against Daemons

Daemonic Tactic Fragment UnlocksEdit

Creature Tome Unlock Entry Name Order Zone Destruction Zone
Bloodletter Kill 1,000 Bloodletters of Khorne N/A
Nurgling No End to the Oozing T4:Chaos Wastes T4:Chaos Wastes
Nurgling Say Hello to My Little Friends T4:Kadrin Valley T4:Kadrin Valley
Plaguebearer NPC: Finding Foul Flesh T2:Troll Country T2:Troll Country
Plaguebearer Let It Fly or Let It Die T3:Talabecland T3:Talabecland
Slime Hound Kill 1,000 Slimehounds N/A
Great Unclean One Kill 1,000 Great Unclean Ones N/A
Daemonette Kill 1,000 Daemonettes of Slaanesh N/A
Horror Pack of Three T3:Avelorn T3:Avelorn
Horror What Horrifies Horrors? T4:Thunder Mountain T4:Thunder Mountain
Flamer Kill 1,000 Flamers of Tzeentch N/A
Screamer Kill 1,000 Screamers of Tzeentch N/A
Chaos Fury Kill 1,000 Chaos Furies N/A
Daemonvine Kill 1,000 Daemonvines N/A
Chaos Spawn Kill 1,000 Chaos Spawns N/A
Flesh Hound Kill 1,000 Flesh Hounds ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ???
??? ??? ??? ???

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