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Daemonic Strength

Destruction Quest
Zone Norsca
Start Kaltira the Daemoncaller
End Skurlorg Blackhorn
Previous To Conquer
Next The Will of Change


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"The pitiful warriors that defend this village mean to deny us our destiny. They are fools awaiting death. Atop the tower is a fire-dealer of the Empire. He, too, is among the ill-fated fools."

"It is now time to call upon the power of the Cannon Beasts! I have prepared the parts of the dead. Feed them into the bellies of our Hellcannons. Watch as they spew death upon the fire-dealer!"

- Kaltira the Daemoncaller

Daemonic Strength is a Tier 1 Destruction Quest that begins in northern Norsca.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

NOTE: Right-click a Hellcannon to feed and use it.

In-Progress Text Edit

"If you do not visit death upon the weaklings, then I shall visit death upon you."

"Fire the Hellcannons! Now!"

- Skurlorg Blackhorn

Completion Text Edit

"Behold! The stench of death and destruction! {name} strength has been made known!"

"The Changer of Ways shall bless your show of strength with future rewards of pillage and plunder. Our march shall pass through the lands of the Empire and strike at its heart: Altdorf! Altdorf shall burn, and we shall bask in its devastation!"

"It has been seen, and so it is our destiny!"

- Skurlorg Blackhorn

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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