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Daemonic Gifts of Khorne is a new dynamic Live Event with no time restrictions, it was added 24th October 2012.

Khorne Bestows his Daemonic Gifts in The Age of Reckoning!Edit

Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! The battlefields of the mortals are a Daemon's playground. Many of the battlefields across the land have attracted the attention of the Daemons of Khorne. In a few locations, they have managed to break through and are joining the fray. These Daemons are gripped by such bloodlust that they attack any mortal they find.

Public Quest – Stop the InvasionEdit

Bloodshed in the Old World has attracted the attention of the Blood God. Daemonic minions have begun to pour through into the realms of man, attacking any who get in their way. Push back the Daemons, and force them back into the realms of Chaos before your armies become so decimated the other realm begins to take advantage!

Daemonic Gifts of Khorne DetailsEdit


This event is not associated with any season. The whims of the Blood God cannot be fully understood by those in the mortal realm. However, whenever a Chaotic Rift punches through from the Skull Throne, your Tome of Knowledge will immediately alert you to the increase in Daemonic potential.

Heralds and Quest GiversEdit

As with other events, the Order and Destruction Heralds will be stationed near the Flight Master in each capital city.

  • Destruction Herald – Kralf Hexenkrieger
  • Order Herald – Kadius Kridt


This event contains tasks involving the slaying of Daemons and enemy players. A few tasks involve the climbing of Bastion Stairs, if your courage is steeled enough to attempt such a feat, that is.


  • Basic Reward – Box of Emblems which converts to a number of Emblems appropriate to your tier.
  • Advanced Reward – Scroll of Binding. Choose from one of three: Flesh Hound, Bloodletter, and Juggernaut. When used, your scroll teleports you to the Chaos Wastes, if you’re not there already. Once inside the RvR area of the Chaos Wastes, using the Scroll of Binding will allow you to control the Daemon bound to it. The magic of these scrolls are so powerful, it doesn’t matter what Tier you normally fight in - using the scroll will function regardless. These scrolls have no cooldown, but will crumble to dust after 8 days of real time.
  • Elite Reward – Essence of Frenzy event slot item. While this item is equipped, each ability you activate has a chance to throw you into a Frenzy, granting you an 80% bonus to outgoing damage. Frenzies are blind rage made manifest, however, thus all incoming damage is also increased by 80%. Be wary about when you claim this reward – it will decay in 8 days of real time.
  • Public Quest Reward – The various loot bags awarded through the PQ contain over 50 new jewelry pieces to help round out your loadouts.

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