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The Live Events: Daemon Moon Rising achievement category contains a total of 13 achievements. Those known are listed below:

  • Slay 50 Daemons (appears bugged now)
  • Complete the Masks of Corruption quest 10 times (order only)
  • Take ten Battlefield Objectives
  • Complete the Daemonball Rally RvR PQ
  • Win the High Pass Cemetary scenario with 500 points
  • Participate in the High Pass Cemetary scenarioo while daemon-maksed ten times
  • Kill a member of each enemy career while daemon-masked
  • Defeat 100 enemy Realm playesr while demon-masked
  • Slay five Keep Lords while daemon-masked (appears bugged since 1.4.0)
  • Drink a 'Daemon Moon Rising' draught with one member of every allied carrer in the capital city
  • Complete the ‘Children of the Mask’ quest ten times (destro only)
  • Complete all Daemon Moon Rising Tasks (Grants Title: Daemon Hunter) -unlock appears bugged under this section now
  • Defeat 200 enemy Realm players while daemon-masked (Grants Title: Fiend-face Killer)

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