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Daemon Bounty is the Empire Chapter 21 Kill Quest.

  • Task: Kill 60 "Daemons", which is a rather obscure request to kill Grotesque Plaguebearers and Grotesque Plaguebringers (level 39-40 Plaguebearers (Daemons of Nurgle)). These mobs are found on the plateau southwest of camp, well off the main road.
    • These daemons can be found in a cluster at loc 50k, 52k. Not easy to get to, the best approach is to head north of the empire camp a short ways until you can scale the slops to the west and then turn south to the mob location.
    • Watch out for Gurglerot, a Level 39 Champion with a nasty snare.
    • Killing Daemonettes will NOT count toward this quest (neither will Furies nor Screamers).
  • Reward:
    • While killing the Plaguebearers, eventually a Pestilent Organ will drop (into your inventory). Clicking on it will award the Bestiary Unlock: Organ Grinder, which gives a cool ring.
    • The per-kill reward is 500xp each.
  • Kill Collector: Quartermaster Randol is located at the Empire Chapter 21 Camp of the Faithful in the Chaos Wastes and can be found at the coordinates 54k, 46k.
  • Misc:
    • Nearby to the Southwest (loc 45k, 52k) are the Shreeching Furies from the quest: Desperate Dispatch. The "Stolen Chest" is particularly hard to find, as it is well away from the furies at the very west edge of the red cloud depicted on the map. Adonas's Stolen Chest can be found in the brush at loc 41.3k, 55.5k.

Tradeskill Notes Edit

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