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Da War goes on (2)

Tier 2 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Barak Varr
Start Ironclad Cannon
End Gotug Nopile
Previous Da War goes on


Da War goes on (2)
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The Dwarfs holed up in the tower have witnessed your firing of the cannons on the beach, and have responded by firing a deadly barrage aimed at the Ironclad.

You'll never reach Gotug in the Marshes with the tower's cannons trained on you. In order to safely make your way, the Engineer leading that siege will need to be killed and his cannons silenced. Perhaps his head would even be enough to convince Gotug to join Nogaz.


Assault the tower on Thunder Ridge. Kill Engineer Steelshot to claim his head, and destroy one of his cannons. When complete, travel to Gotug in the Marshes of Madness and deliver Steelshot's Head.


Completion TextEdit

Wot!? Done One Tusk tribe ain't on da road to the big Waaagh! at Eight Peaks? Dey's disobeying Warlord Grumlok's order?

Nogaz and his One Tusks are gonna get a scrap alright, but it ain't gonna be from da stunties. When Bonerender hears about dis, he's goin' to bo fightin' mad!

We need to get dem One Tusks back on da road to da Waaagh! If Warlord Grumlok finds out dat Nogaz is defyin' him, he'll rip 'im to shreds!


  • 2440 XP
  • Class Equipment

Class EquipmentEdit

Squig Herder

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