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The massive Orc bleeds into the ground, with what can only be a smile etched upon his face. To have such a simple existence, to fight anything that thinks itself stronger, must be extremely satisfying. There is no anxiety, no worry for the future. Once the mentality of the Waaagh! suffuses the greenskin brain, life is good. -- In Game Description

Order Tome UnlockEdit

Kill "The Big 'Un" (Rank 1 Champion Black Orc) for this unlock.

Destruction Tome UnlockEdit

Talk to "The Big 'Un" (Rank 1 Champion Black Orc) for this unlock. He is initially friendly to Destruction players, but talking to him will make him aggressive, allowing them to unlock stage 2 of this pursuit: Bosses.

This tome unlock contributes to the Da Bigga 'Un pursuit achievement.


XP: 150

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