Da Best Wood

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Da Best Wood

Tier 1 Destruction Travel Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Maggut
End Maggut


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We's gonna need lots of fings if we's gonna bash da stunties. We's gonna need Skarzag's boyz, and Grokk's Rock Lobbers, and all da Broketoofs out o' da way.

Youse gonna be Grokk's git now an' help his boyz get da Rock Lobbers built

You know wot it takes t' build dem Rock Lobbers? Ot takes Gobbos. Fing is, Grokk's got a fing for eatin' gits wot make him angry. So I's finkin', 'Maggut, how we's not gonna get 'et'?'

Den it hit me! Grokk an' his boys need wood for da Rock Lobbers right? Wot if i could get 'im da best wood in Bloodhorn? What if i could get 'im da kind o' wood dat moves and squeals when you hit it?

Particulars Edit

  • Cross the bridge on the west side of Snouts' Pens and search the shore of Sharpthorn Wud for Tenacious Sharpthorn Spites. Kill one and take its Gutwood. Follow the road west and deliver the Gutwood to Grokk at Da War Maker.

Requirements Edit

  • Colelct Gutwood 0/1

Rewards Edit

Catagory:Greenskin Tier1 Quests

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