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This is a Bestiary Tome Unlock for Daemonvine.

Destruction & OrderEdit

First, find a "Mound of Dirt" somewhere in the Chaos Wastes and click on it to get a Sacrificial Kris. One confirmed location this "Mound of Dirt" can spawn in is 41400,15500 in the Chaos Wastes in the corner of a pair of walls in the ruins before a giant tower. The Mound of Dirt can be found also from 51123, 46937 near Empire chapter 21 or at 48,333 x 54,988 behind a pointed rock just passed a deamon next to the "worm carcass".

Second, find the Daemonvine "Xavian's Pride" around 47000,5300 in West Praag and kill it. This will provide the unlock and remove the Sacrificial Kris from your inventory.


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