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Rank 2 Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species Empire
Gender Male
Zone Nordland
Subzone Grimmenhagen
Coordinates 20700, 46900

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

"It's a lofty aspiration to be sure, but not all Orders are full of wasted nobility. Rest easy that, should you want it, there's military folk what value faith above all other virtues."

- Cuthbert

Cuthbert is commander of an Order of the Griffon artillery unit, and has been ordered to aid in the defense of Grimmenhagen. Stationed on Cannon Hill, the stresses of fighting overwhelming Chaos forces as they continually advance on the besieged village have begun to take their toll on the man. He snaps at friend and foe alike, and has become paranoid that anyone who offers aide may in actuality be an agent of the invading forces.

Quests Edit

"You're right we'll fight the Norse! These villagers have barely enough food to feed their families as it is!"

- Cuthbert

Begins Quests Edit

Ends Quests Edit

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