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The large skull appears to have been crafted from a single piece of translucent crystal. Light streams fitfully through the piece, givign the eye sockets an eerie glow.

Beneath the base of the jawline, a thin stream of markings can barely be seen. Though the meaning is unclear, the markings seem strangely familiar. They can be found throughout the Marshes of Madness, inscribed on various pieces of Mourkain art.

To a civilization fixated upon death, the Crystal Skull would have been precious beyond price.

Tome UnlockEdit

Click on a Crystal Skull in your backpack for the unlock.

The Crystal Skull can be found lying on the ground in the Marshes of Madness around 55500,57000 wedged between a rock and a piece of Mourkain ruin. Interacting with the skull on the ground will put a gray Crystal Skull in your inventory.

The character receiving the unlock does not have to go and get the item as it can be mailed and clicked on multiple characters.

This tome unlock contributes to the Mourkain Treasure exploration achievement.

Reward: 150 Xp.


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