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Elder hellebron

Crone Helleborne continues to age due to Morathi's refusal to share the Cauldron of Blood.

Crone Hellebron is the most Ancient Hag Queens save only Morathi for they where the first Brides of Khaine. But while the youth and beauty of Morathi can be renewed, that of Hellebron is now expended. The power of blood no longer refreshes this ancient Hagqueen as it once did. Each year more young elf sacrifices are needed to fill the cauldron' and yet the effects last less and less time. As a result Morathi has restricted Hellebron's use of the cauldron so as to keep the blood for herself. Once beautiful beyond measure, Hellebron must now endure many dark months as an old ugly crone for each day of renewed youth.

As leader of the Cult of Khaine, Hellebron rules over the city of Har Ganeth. In addition to a horde of frenzied Witch Elves, Hellebron can call upon the deadly Executioners of the city and raise the populace to arms with promises of Khaine's favour and threats of his bloody displeasure. Now the Hagqueen prefers to cloister herself in the Temple of Khaine during her long months of decrepit suffering.

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