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Grazy Gitts

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Skarzag
End Skarzag
Previous Save da Choppas
Next Lob it Good


Crazy Gitts map
(click to enlarge)

Only big Bosses like me gots Shamans to cast da Waaagh! magic. Dem Shamans need mushrooms like da boyz need choppas. So's if i say you'r goin' to pick mushrooms for da crazy Gobbo Shaman, then dat's what you're goin' to do.

Dat Cave over dere is full o' mushrooms, so youse can get 'em dere. Jus' don't go too far in, or you'll find yourself fightin' da Waaagh at da stunty gate instead o' gettin da mushrooms for dese Shamans!

Particulars Edit

  • Follow the path west out of the village and then north down the hill. Enter the cave called Spore Rock and collect mushrooms by interacting with them.
  • Bring them to the shaman Gubnash Facebiter at his hut neer the road on Lobber Hill

Requirements Edit

  • Sticky Mushroom 0/2
  • Smelly Mushroom 0/2
  • Tasty Mushroom 0/2

Rewards Edit

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