Crash and Urn I

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Crash and Urn I

Destruction Travel Quest
Zone Inevitable City
Start Coordinator Kalrhim
End Cargo Manifest


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"Ah, another {career} to facilitate our efforts in the South. Firstly, whatever knowledge you have about the situation is most assuredly insufficient. Suffice it to say that any one of the artifacts we recover might hold power beyond your pitiful comprehension. Protecting the airships' cargo is key."

"Ah, those accursed contraptions. I shouldn't call them ships at all, that would be an insult to our seafaring heritage. The plans we obtained from the dwarfs were inelegant to begin with and the goblin implementation thereof leaves a great deal to be desired."

"How quickly you gasp the situation. Yes one of the airships has catastrophically malfunctioned and its crew is no longer in any position to guard their cargo... which is where you come in."

"You will ensure that our cargo is secured. I recommend you make haste."

- Coordinator Kalrhim

Crash and Urn is an Destruction Quest that is unique to Beyond the Sands Live Event, and begins in the Inevitable City; it plays a key role in the Event's Daily Tasks.

Particulars Edit

Scour the battlefield of {zone specific for character tier} for the airship crash site that Kalrhim spoke of, and search the area for clues as to the ship's contents. Once proof has been obtained, investigate closer for details on the airship's mission.

In-Progress Text Edit

"Time is of the essence!"

- Coordinator Kalrhim

Completion Text Edit

Rewards Edit

Tier 2 
  • Xp: 1645
  • Coin: 25 Silver Coin 48 Brass Coin

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