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The Council of Electors, also referred to as the Electoral College, is the assembly in charge of nominating a new Emperor (a title that is non-hereditary). These members represent the most powerful and influential figures within the Empire and consist of the ten Elector Counts (from the 10 surviving provinces of the Empire), along with the Grand Theogonist and the two Arch-Lectors of Sigmar (who together represent the Cult of Sigmar), the Elder of The Moot (an important food-producing region inhabited by Halflings), and the High Priest of Ulric (aka the Ar-Ulric), who represents the Cult of Ulric, which was the prevalent religion among men before the Cult of Sigmar arrived and is to this day the second strongest religion in the Empire.

Although all members of the Electoral College may vote, only an Elector Count can be chosen as the next Emperor. The current Emperor, Karl Franz I, also holds the title of Elector Count of Reikland and therefore may wield both the Ghal Maraz and the Runefang of Reikland as his weapon of choice.

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