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Corpse Camping is a the practice, in a multiplayer game, in which a one player kills another in player versus player combat and then loiters in the area of the dead player's corpse. In many games, the defeated player must return to the area where he died either to recover his body, respawn, or regain his equipment. Those who corpse camp take advantage of these rules by waiting for the dead character to return to life, usually in a weakened state, and then killing him again when they are not yet at full capacity. This is typically viewed as a type of Grief Play. A similar term is Graveyard Camping, which differs only in that the "Camper" waits at his enemy's designated respawn location, rather than a corpse.

In Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning a defeated player does not need to recover his corpse, which makes Corpse Camping relatively non-existent. Because the respawn locations are always very secure, Graveyard Camping is also not typically a factor, though a group of enemy players may still block exits to such a location, which may or may not be considered Ganking.

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