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Combustion is a spell utilized exclusively by the Bright Wizards of the Empire, which allows them to build up fire magic whenever they cast a damaging fire spell. This built up Combustion increases both the chance that their spells will generate a Critical Effect, and the extra damage those Critical Effects cause. Unfortunately this power comes with a price, and each time they cast a damaging fire spell, there is also a chance that they will suffer an Explosion, damaging them as well as their target. Sorceresses receive similar effects from their system of Dark Magic.

It is interesting to note that the staff of a Bright Wizard who has not recently been generating Combustion (or who has recently died) will be devoid of flames, which will build again as soon as they begin burning their enemies again. Stored Combustion will begin to fade after 10 seconds out of combat, at a rate of 10% per second.

Combustion Level +Critical Chance +Critical Damage Explosion Chance
1-10 +4% +10% 4%
11-30 +8% +20% 8%
31-70 +15% +40% 15%
71-90 +25% +80% 25%
91-100 +35% +100% 35%

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