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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Fact breakdown about combat:

  • All classes can hold their own in a one-on-one fight, although the game is primarily balanced around group fights .
  • Most attacks are abilities, but there is also an underlying auto-attack.
  • There is an action bar for use with various activated skills and attacks, a morale meter for those abilities, and a tactics bar with passive abilities that can only be changed outside of combat. Many careers have some additional form of meter more or less unique to it that works as that career's game mechanic.
  • Taunt-style attacks work in PvE by increasing monster aggro, and in PvP by debuffing your target increasing the damage you deal to it by 30% or decreasing the damage they do to allies by 30%,depending on the taunt used, for the next couple attacks. There is also a "guard" ability that splits damage done and agression to an ally between them and you.
  • Spell resistance works by lowering damage, just like armor does for physical attacks.
  • There are four kinds of passive avoidance: block, parry, disrupt and dodge - the first is only available with a shield, and the others only applying to melee, spells and ranged attacks respectively.
  • You are able to have both an offensive and defensive target at the same time. Some abilities do both damage and healing at the same time.

Combat basics Edit

Party size is limited to 6 players. Warbands allow multiple parties to join together for a maximum of 24 players.

Combat in WAR is at its core a game of resource management, with positioning also playing a significant role.

Resource management and ability usage Edit

All careers share a common resource, known as action points (AP) that is limited in availability but replenishes over time; both in and out of combat. These action points can be spent on performing various actions such as making an attack, casting a spell or activating an ability. All characters have the same basic amount of available AP and rate of replenishment although these can be altered by the use of special tactics or other means. Management of AP is vital to success in combat.

However AP only gives access to the most basic of skills and options available to a career. Each career also has its own specialized resource that needs to be managed and balanced with AP usage. In most cases, AP-using abilities replenish these secondary resources as they are used, making the special attacks available only after basic ones have been used. For example, the goblin shaman has a secondary resource known as WAAAGH! that is initially zero as he enters combat, but built up as the shaman uses damaging spells and attacks. Once enough WAAAGH! has been accumulated, the shaman may use it to cast powerful healing magic on his allies.

The abilities available through the secondary resource tend to be more effective, specialized and unique to the career using them than the standard AP ones. Meaning that careful consideration must be given as to how and when to spend for immediate effect, and when to save up for powerful chained attacks. However, specializing to make attacks stronger also means that they can be quite situational and in some instances it may be more effective to spend AP on attacks that are immediately useful than on skills that build up the secondary resource.

Besides AP and Career Mechanics, players can also build Morale, which is used to unleash powerful but rare attacks. Morale builds through damaging the enemy, and can be unleashed once it reaches one of four tiers.

Combat Calculation BasicsEdit

In combat there are two kinds of Formulars in use. First you have to find out, if you did hit an enemy, using blockchance and one of parry,evade and disrupt, before you calculate how much damage you did based on your damage increasing stat(strenght,ballistic skill,intelligence), your damage increasers(for example critical hits) and the enemies mitigation(armor, resists, toughness, etc.).

In general all types of percentage changes(armor penetration, resistance, critdamage increase, etc.) tend to have a greater influence the higher your rank gets since the amount of base-stats is already very high at that point, making the difference hard to notice at all.

Melee Combat BasicsEdit

Combat in WAR occurs in real time, with attacks automatically being dealt to and from opponents, leaving players free to focus on managing their Action Points. Roughly half the games careers, such as the Marauder and Ironbreaker, focus on melee damage in particular, but all careers are capable of engaging an opponent at close range.

When choosing weapons, there are several factors in weapon selection. The first is DPS, an abbreviation for Damage Per Second. This is the average amount of damage dealt per second by this weapon. The second factor is weapon speed, indicating how much time passes between attacks. A higher DPS is preferred, as is a lower speed per attack rating.

Melee weapons come in two varieties, single and two handed. Single handed weapons can go with a shield, or be dual wielded, depending upon certain careers. These are typically faster weapon choices. Two handed weapons are ideal for more power per swing, but are slower. The debate of speed or power is at the player's discretion.

Furthermore, weapons can have several benefits, such as enhanced stats. These stats could offer more strength or toughness. Depending upon the player's career, certain stats are more desired than others. An Engineer may prefer enhancements to his or her ballistic skills, while a Magus may desire more intelligence.

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