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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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CE Family

The Collector's Edition package including WAR, The Art of Warhammer Online, Prelude To War, and the Grumlok & Gazbag miniature.

The Collector's Edition of Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning is a special version of the game packed with a number of collectable extras.


The Collector's Edition of the game was released on March 26th, 2008 for pre-order in a limited run of 60,000 copies in North America and 55,000 copies in Europe. On May 29th 6,000 copies were announced for Australia & 1,500 for New Zealand. A pre-order partnership program has been set up with a number of retailers: EB Games, Game Stop, EA Store,,, and Game Crazy in North America, and, HMV, Game Express,, Fona, Coolshop, CD Galaxis,, Ultima,, Spelbutiken, Discshop, EB Games, Fnac, Verkkokauppa and Virgin Megastores in the various European territories. This special edition package contains a large set of extras and special features by gaming standards, including the ability to begin playing the game before release. Any versions of the game that were pre-ordered prior to March 26th, 2008 were not recognized by EA Mythic, and will not be eligible for these features. If a player who lives in Canada wishes to pre-order the game to ensure all content, the only current way of doing so is through the EA Store.


  • Open Beta Access - A promise to invite all Collector's Edition owners into the Open Beta phase of development. When pre-ordering the game, a player will receive (sometimes up to a few days after,) a promo-code to be input into the Beta Center (or the European Beta Center). When entered, the Beta Center account is tagged, and an automatic invite for the final stage of testing will be created. A player must have a Beta Center profile to enable this feature. If a player orders more than one version of the Collector's Edition, they must register more than one Beta Center account.
  • Live Game Headstart - Another promo-code enabled feature. When the player receives the promo code for the Headstart, they will be able to input it into the Mythic account management site. This will allow players to begin playing the game for a time period (not yet determined) of days prior to the game's launch. If the promo-code for the Headstart is not registered, it will expire after the game has been released. A player must have an Account Management profile to enable this feature.
  • Mousepad - European Exclusive. European players will receive a special WAR-themed gaming mousepad with their Collector's Edition.

In-Game ExtrasEdit

CE Heads

CE character heads for Orcs and a male Human.

In addition to the real world benefits of the Collector's Edition, the CE will feature numerous in-game items, quests, rewards, and titles. These are available only to players who buy the CE, and will not be transferable to non-CE accounts. Some of the included items are entirely dependent on where the CE is purchased from, because of this it will be impossible to collect all of the CE extra-items on one account.


Quests, Rewards, & Titles

Character Creation

  • Each player who orders the Collector's Edition will receive twelve additional character heads for further customization during character creation. Each race has a unique head for both male and female characters.
  • The character heads are not available in the character creation screen. The player will receive an item in the mail, along with other Collector's Edition rewards. The player needs to speak to an NPC who can dye his gear in order to apply the new head.

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