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This is a Bestiary Tome Unlock for Skeleton.

Destruction & OrderEdit

To achieve this unlock you must gather three skulls from different Deanimated Skeletons around Cinderfall and then click on one. All three skulls must be in your bags at the time you click on them. All three skulls will then disappear and you will receive the unlock.

  • The Deanimated Human Skeleton is in the Cave at 62000,49000 in Cinderfall. The Skeleton is against the wall in the first room of the cave. You will receive an Undead Human Skull. South of lava
  • The Deanimated Elven Skeleton is just outside the cave at 57000,57000 and gives an Undead Elven Skull. south of lava
  • The Deanimated Dwarf Skeleton is in the cave at 61500, 3500 and gives an Undead Dwarf Skull. in emberlight PQ

Note: This unlock appears to have been fixed and you can no longer complete it with only one skull.


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