Chopping Trolls

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Chopping Trolls is the Empire Chapter 5 Kill Quest.

  • Task: Kill up to 60 "Suskarg Trolls", which includes both Suskarg Louts and Suskarg Skull Crushers (level 12-13 Trolls). These mobs can be found both south Suskarg camp in two general areas.
    • First is in the vicinity of the road intersection at 11500, 34500 (one small group each directly east and west).
    • Second is in The Troll Pit (loc 2900, 44000) and south from there to 6400, 46000. This is the better location since the respawn fairly quickly (especially in the cave). Note: The spite, Elorian, is also at the south point. Killing the spite unlocks the tome entry "Lost and Found" and awards a Mythical Tactic Fragment.
  • Reward: This kill quest awards nothing after completion (beyond the per-kill xp of 133xp each).
  • Kill Collector: Ruthgar who is located at the Suskarg camp in Troll Country and can be found at the coordinates 60k, 35k.

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