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Introduction Edit

General RvR Tactics Edit

Insert tactics here.

RVR Rewards Edit

    Icon Dark Elves Dark Elf Icon Chaos Chaos Icon Greenskins Greenskin
Tier 1 Basic Lorendyth Boyz' Ring
Nightflame Boyz' Ring
Khaine's Altar Boyz' Ring
Boyz' Ring of Grief
Festenplatz Marauder Boyz' Ring
Harvest Boyz'Ring
Festenplatz Pillager Boyz' Ring
Lost Boyz' Ring
Stonemine Stompas
Cannoneer Stompas
Lookout Stompas
Ironmane Stompas
Advanced Lorendyth Punchas
Nightflame Punchas
Khaine's Altar Punchas
Punchas of Grief
Festenplatz Marauder Bellybuckle
Harvest Bellybuckle
Festenplatz Pillager Bellybuckle
Lost BellyBuckle
Stonemine Boyz' Ring
Cannoneer Boyz' Ring
Lookout Boyz' Ring
Ironmane Boyz' Ring
Elite Lorendyth Choppa
Nightflame Bigchoppa
Khaine's Altar Choppa
Bigchoppa of Grief
Festenplatz Marauder Choppa
Harvest Cutta
Festenplatz Pillager Choppa
Lost Cutta
Stonemine Tuff Chest
Cannoneer Tuff Chest
Lookout Tuff Chest
Ironmane Tuff Chest
Tier 2 Basic Shadow Spire Stompas
Reaver Stompas
Spite's Stompas
Stompas of Thunder
Kinschel's Punchas
Greystone Punchas
Mandred's Punchas
Stonetroll Punchas
Ironclad Bellybuckle
Alcadizaar's Bellybuckle
Karaz Bellybuckle
Fangbreaker Bellybuckle
Advanced Shadow Spire Sholdaspikes
Reaver Sholdaspikes
Spite's Sholdaspikes
Sholdaspikes of Thunder
Stonetroll Boyz' Ring
Reaver Boyz' Ring
Mandred Boyz' Ring
Boyz' Ring of Thunder
Ironclad Skully
Alcadizaar's Skully
Karaz Skully
Fangbreaker Skully
Elite Shadow Spire Choppa
Reaver Bigchoppa
Spite's Choppa
Bigchoppa of Thunder
Kinshcel's Tuff Chest
Greystone Tuff Chest
Mandred Tuff Chest
Stonetroll Tuff Chest
Ironclad Choppa
Alcadizaar's Bigchoppa
Karaz Choppa
Fangbreaker Bigchoppa

Knight of the Blazing Sun Edit

Insert strategy.

Ironbreaker Edit

Insert strategy.

Witch Hunter Edit

Insert strategy.

Slayer Edit


White Lion Edit


Warrior Priest Edit


Rune Priest Edit


Archmage Edit


Bright Wizard Edit


Engineer Edit


Shadow Warrior Edit


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