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Chasing Oathgold

Tier 2 Order Epic Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Oathhold
Start Ralla Widmer
End Ralla Widmer

Quest Chain

Dainna Fornbili

Durgan Grimminsson

Grale Ironfist

Dormir Karakshot

Chiri's Chest

Oathgold Pick

Chiri Smalldeep

Vandra Sweetrune

Dark Creature's Victim

Vandra Sweetrune

Ralla Widmer


Chasing Oathgold XV map
(click to enlarge)

Our foe's name is Neborhest -- a noble Lord, corrupted by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and power. In his pursuit he served the evil Kadon, and in his name he committed vile, unspeakable acts against the people he once ruled. He drank of their essence, draining their bodies of any life, of any soul.

However, despite Neborhest's evil, it was Kadon we feared. That was our mistake, for once Kadon disappeared from this world his minion rose up to more terrible than ever, granted inexplicable new powers of terrible might.

We contacted Altdorf for help after the most recent disappearances. A shipment of ancient Oathgold artifacts disappeared and the Dwarfs escorting it were found drained of life. Arch Lector Benedict himself commissioned the Witch Hunter, Mattias von Jaeger, to bring the wicked Neborhest to justice. Von Jaeger pursued him into these marshes only never to be heard from again -- wait, do you here that?

Can you hear the murmur? An army approaches us!

- Ralla Widmer

Summary Edit

Head to the outskirts of Oathhold, and help drive off the undead army by killing the Soulless Fetid.

Speak with Ralla Widmer inside the camp once they are eliminated.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

The Mourkain walk again! This is Neborhest's army. He means to drive the Dwarfs from this land. They must be stopped!

- Ralla Widmer

On Completion Edit

Shallya has protected us from her Father's Kingdom this day. You were her instrument.

To command an army of unliving against us! Neborhest's power has grown greater than even I had feared.

Shallya, grant me a vision. Show me what must be done to put a stop to this violation of life and death!

- Ralla Widmer

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 4129

External Links Edit

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