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Chasing Oathgold

Tier 2 Order Epic Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Reekmarsh Camp
Start Chiri Smalldeep
End Chiri Smalldeep

Quest Chain

Dainna Fornbili

Durgan Grimminsson

Grale Ironfist

Dormir Karakshot

Chiri's Chest

Oathgold Pick

Chiri Smalldeep

Vandra Sweetrune

Dark Creature's Victim

Vandra Sweetrune

Ralla Widmer


Chasing Oathgold IX map
(click to enlarge)

Now that I've got this back, I can continue my research. As long as you're here, ya might as well help.

Have ya seen much Oathgold before? Silly question, no one's seen much of it fer a long time, what with the mine bein' lost an' all. It's got a lot of unique properties, stuff you notice right away.

One of those properties is its luster. Oathgold can't be tainted, even by this cursed marsh. While all other rock an' metal here crumbles an' corrodes, Oathgold can be buried in the most horrid muck fer centuries, but give it half a chance an' it'll shine on through.

You can see this fer yourself at the new Dam. Take this samplin' scoop, and use it where ya see shinin' out of the muck.

- Chiri Smalldeep

Summary Edit

Search for Oathgold Deposits near the Boglar Dam. Use the sampling scoop where you see the shimmers.

Return to Chiri Smalldeep with the samples.

Objectives Edit

  • Uncovered Oathgold 0/3

In Progress Edit

Isn't this excitin'? There's nothin' better than huntin' fer Oathgold.

- Chiri Smalldeep

On Completion Edit

That's quite a haul you have there, {career}. That stuff's likely been at the bottom of a swamp fer longer than any dwarf alive can remember. Can you imagine? We'd have never found it if not fer that dam!

- Chiri Smalldeep

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1782

External Links Edit

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